Abuse is a willful or threatened act resulting in physical, mental, or sexual injury or harm including negligent acts affecting minors or vulnerable adults.

Reporting Abuse

Florida Statutes require anyone who knows, sees, or reasonably suspects the abuse of minors and vulnerable adults to report it to the Florida Department of Children and Families Abuse Hotline (800-962-2873) or local law enforcement. If the abuse happened in another state, Florida agencies would coordinate with that state’s authorities.

If abuse of minors or vulnerable adults is reported to Pensacola Christian College, PCC will report those cases to the appropriate agencies regardless of where or when the abuse happened. PCC does not usually notify victims, alleged assailants, or others involved when they report the crime to avoid compromising official investigations.


Assault is the act of inflicting physical harm or unwanted physical contact upon an individual or threatening with apparent, present ability to cause the injury. It may include unwanted sexual attention, rape, coercion, or harassment.

Reporting Assault

Florida Statutes require those who observe sexual battery to report it if they have the ability to seek assistance for the victim without endangering themselves.

Adult victims are encouraged to report assault but are not required by law to report, especially if they fear trauma or harm as a result. Reporting a sexual crime does not commit the victim to filing charges, and they can decide that later. However, since time is critical to the investigation, victims should report crimes as soon as possible.
For more information, please see Harassment, Abuse, or Assault.