Critical Alerts

Emergency Notifications
PCC Critical Alerts are part of the campus-wide emergency notification system. In an emergency when immediate action is necessary for safety, notifications are delivered through multiple communication channels:
  • Texts and phone recordings to subscribed phones
  • Emails to all ministry email accounts
  • Indoor loudspeakers/strobe lights
  • Outdoor sirens/loudspeakers
  • Campus Connection screens
  • Internal website banners
  • Lobby desk calls 

ALERTS: What to Expect

PCC uses the Everbridge critical alert system to deliver urgent information via phone recording, email, and text message. You will want to periodically review the appropriate response to a shelter-in-place, lockdown, or evacuation notice, so you’re able to act quickly when notified of an emergency.

Text—SMS text capability is required for text receipt.

Phone recording—The system will wait for you to answer the phone before playing the message. If you delay answering, it will assume it’s reached your voicemail and wait for a signal. It’s generally able to detect voicemail but may occasionally start and stop if there’s background noise or it has trouble detecting a signal.

Email— Student and staff email accounts will receive an emergency message. 

Critical Alert System Test

To verify that the system is working for you, we send you text messages periodically, announcing them in advance.

System questions?

ALERTS: What to Do

Make sure that others around you are aware of the message you received.

Follow the direction given in the call, text, or email. You may be directed to shelter in place, lockdown, or evacuate; and you need to be familiar with the difference.

Shelter in Place

Used for emergency situations like severe weather,  gas leaks, or chemical spills.  

  • Go indoors and stay there until the alert is cleared. Don’t go outside, even if you have a class, until notified that it is safe. 
  • Make sure windows are tightly closed. 
  • Stay away from windows during severe weather. 
  • Watch for additional alerts or an All Clear notice.  


Used for campus safety if an intruder is potentially hostile or armed.  

  • Stay where you are; do not move through hallways or call attention to yourself. 
  • Turn off lights and move away from doors and windows so room appears vacant. 
  • Remain silent and silence cell phones. 
  • Do not leave the room for any reason (restroom, fire alarm, response to a voice) until you receive an All Clear notification. 
  • If you are outside, take cover without entering a potentially unsafe building/area.   
  • Watch for additional alerts or an All Clear notice.


Used for fire, smoke, or any known risk within your current building.  

  • Leave the building immediately using the nearest stairway/exit. 
  • Do not stop to collect belongings. 
  • Do not use elevators. 
  • Evacuate quietly.  
  • You will be directed to a designated waiting area. Stay there for attendance or notification when you can return to the building.